Monday, December 14, 2009

Deafness More Condition_symptoms DId Beethoven's Deafness Contribute To His Ability To Create More Harmonically Complex Pieces?

DId Beethoven's deafness contribute to his ability to create more harmonically complex pieces? - deafness more condition_symptoms

My wife raised an interesting point, after we have seen immortal beloved.
She said it seemed that his compositions are a true genius and originality of the onset of deafness made. I told him that there was no sense and are strictly on their maturity as a composer and musician in context.


Malcolm D said...

In a sense, Beethoven's deafness prevented her abilities. In his later work, there is a strong counterpoint and a review of the principles learned early in his career. This may be his deafness compelled to extend the principles and have increased harmonic complexity may have been the result. It's always really difficult for us mortals to understand the mind of genius.

Edik said...

I think not. What is surprising is that he has managed to create more complex parts harmonics Despite his deafness. He knew what to look not see this thing - this is not physically present to see how it would sound like.

wendy_da... said...

I believe that his genius, not the audience. have formed the same music with or without an oral hearing.

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