Thursday, February 4, 2010

Easton Synergy Flex 2004 Slow Pitch Softball Bats?

Slow Pitch Softball Bats? - easton synergy flex 2004

I'm looking for slow pitch softball player who used one of these bats. If you use one of these bats, please leave your comment.

2004 Miken Freak +
2004 Miken Freak
2005 Easton Synergy Extended
2006 Easton Synergy CNT Flex
2006 Easton Synergy CNT +
2006 Worth Jeff Hall Mayhem 120
2005 Worth Mayhem May120
2004 Easton Synergy 2
2005 Worth May98 Mayhem
2007 worth of Jeff Hall M798
2004 Easton Synergy +
2004 Louisville Slugger Catalyst
2007 DeMarini Juice
2007 Easton Stealth CNT Composite SCN4

I play in a complex that the existing underground used-Bat trip. I think the purchase of Abu Freak + or Jeff Hall Mutant 120th


Kris said...

More Freak is the best bat in this list. The spread is the second.

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