Monday, February 15, 2010

Slogan For Baby Bottle Pops I Need Help?

I need help? - slogan for baby bottle pops

Can a catchy slogan, "Baby Bottle Pop for a project? Lmk thank you


kellergu... said...

You could say lick it, shake it, or dunk it! lol I have letters from JB. Here is a list of others that I did for you:

1. So good that JB made a campaign for him!
2. Unbelievable that you take your mother to a concert JB could!
That's all we know for now! Soory i e-mail or if I am in the picture only in a hurry!

David P said...

Pop a bottle, as your loved ones dott.

Baby Bottle Pop! To hear a knock at the door.

Kristen Banker said...

You can not really, but "Bottle COP - if you love your baby better than Britney."

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