Thursday, February 4, 2010

Operation Of All Nighter Wood Stove Where I Can I Find A List Of All Those Cool Military Operation Nicknames?

Where I can I find a list of all those cool military operation nicknames? - operation of all nighter wood stove

I find a list of all military operations with those cool nicknames. You know, like Operation Just Cause, Operation Gothic Serpent, Operation Phantom Fury. What are the meanings behind these names and what happens to them?


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7 of 9 said...

Referance the prospectus:
Operation Urgent Fury
Propaganda leaflets American Granada, 1983
Operation Just Cause
The U.S. flyers in Panama, 1989
Operation Desert Storm
Propaganda leaflets in Iraq, 1991
Operation Restore Hope
Leaflets United Nations in Somalia, 1992-1993
Operation Provide Promise
Leaflets United Nations in Bosnia, 1993
Operation Restore Democracy
The U.S. flyers in Haiti, 1994
IFOR / SFOR Information Operations, 1996-2004
Operation Desert Fox
Propaganda leaflets in Iraq, 1998
Operation Allied Force
Propaganda leaflets of NATO in Serbia, 1999
Operation Enduring Freedom
The U.S. leaflets in Afghanistan, 2001-2002
Operation Iraqi Freedom
The leaflets of the coalition in Iraq, 2003-2004
British leaflets on Iraq, 2003-2005

ruthafor... said...

WW2 Operation ... Operation Overlord.

Operation Iraq war ... Operation Iraqi Freedom.

Am I alone in thinking that they have lost, that's cool factor to this name?

Victory Soldier said...

They have long been generated at random.

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