Sunday, February 7, 2010

Tech Deck Skis What Would Happened If My Friend Got Caught Taking A Tech Deck From Target?

What would happened if my Friend got caught taking a tech deck from target? - tech deck skis

My friend has two bridges in the high-tech in a 4-pack, which will cost about eleven U.S. dollars a goal Tanforan in San Bruno, California, and through the door, but nobody said anything. He believes that the camera caught under the coverage of high-tech. He said some workers have seen, but on the left. When he came to, what would happen. called the police about this, or Just Let It Go. Please answer this question.


hwagz said...

Some measures do not store any security or tried to get his friend to stop their doors. If your friend does not and asks someone back legally, not necessarily. But ideally, I would not steal the first place.

And what a friend of all that at your age.

If you are under 18 years old and was caught stealing, he was asked why he did this to take the merchandise, write down all your information (name, size, social security number, address, etc.) to present its headquarters tent, and call their Parents come to fetch him. As a small, is the responsibility of the shops and when they made him, and that would by a car or taken in a way was the bank for what to take their parents or family members come to make them accountable.

If you are older than 18 years, calls the business of the police and that's all.

Because he believes that was recorded by the camera, I do not recommend you back into the shop. When you return, it is likely that the observed him (ifthere is someone watching the cameras at all, you could not tell if you have worked a little, can also depend on neighborhood quality: good = less security, bad = see more) to see if it is stolen again and intercept when to do. If the workshop is particularly severe against theft, then it can be waged to "the back".

What you need to do is sit with his friend and had only the post of technical and analytical.
What is it? A piece of cheap plastic, shaped to resemble a skateboard.
How? $ 11ish
Is it the shame of his mother or his father be sought?
There is a point missing in your permanent record?
Is it the pain you feel in your soul?

If your dignity is worth $ 11? Hopefully not.

If you have the conversation with your friend, I am sure that you are having problems again shoplifting.

Also, that if you remember to mow your neighbors, I'll probably $ 20.

Broker said...

I work at Target in the electronics and I know that if they are caught stealing in a minor, and are included in the business, you can call up their parents to pick it up custody to be taken. Tends to be someone watching the cameras and how to build a software that is to protect "tag" on one side and all the software and in the parking lot, where you can get your car license # in. Where have all of this then you can report a file police. Even if you steal something expensive, a screenshot and send it to the region around targets and stores electronic toys /

Rocheste... said...

If no one noticed, nothing happens.
If anyone has noticed, and submitted a report to be recognized that if he could come back, and could be taken, even if he escaped the last time.
If it is not known to happen.
If caught, they go to jail for shoplifting and are not likely to be excluded from the target in the future.

HyperDog said...

It is unlikely, because it was the sight of all of the time I was out of the shop was.

In any case, because his friend came with theft, which is more likely to do it again - it's like for the players if they win, they keep coming back. Will begin in the course of time, and if you are familiar with him, you can include in the action, so be careful around him.

{hispanic chica} said...

Probably just say your mother. It happened to me and my friend again. We went to the target (broken) and we saw a nice big aviary and the high-tech bridge if we had, but the director has surprised us and has filed an appeal to our parents. He must be good

Sour Skittles said...

if it depends on your age .... Normally, if it is not too great and he is young, really Just Let U Go .... If I am to the end, I see a lot of things open, but if you do not know.

Mister R said...

Be willing to through the store, and when "it" allows employees to revenue target and the search for a product search, followed by probably stolen too.

Enedina said...

To the police about what the good society, the objectives require very strict
Idk so your friend can at the time, next time Juvy.

KiWi said...

Target has a lot of cameras. EVERYWHERE! Your friend, before something bad happens to profess.

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