Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Office Key Finder I Installed Microsoft Office 2007 Professional Plus Version, In Onenote 2007..?

I installed Microsoft Office 2007 professional plus version, in onenote 2007..? - office key finder

I have the program on the limit of 25 days, without entering the product key, but the window asking for "Home & Student" version of OneNote, and not the professional version. I do not even the installation of the home and student version. A product that I tested this using Key Finder, it displays the version to be installed (the only version) is the Professional Edition. How can I do to my OneNote 2007 Professional Edition?


Mercuri said...

OneNote is only in the Home & Student and Ultimate editions of Microsoft Office. As such, not really OneNote Professional Edition is the key to apply for.

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