Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Outdoor Wood Stove Plans 2009 How Do I Hook Up A Outdoor Wood Burning Stove To My Gas Water Heater.?

How do I hook up a outdoor wood burning stove to my gas water heater.? - outdoor wood stove plans 2009

They make a device that transfers heat from wood stove on hot water lines. but does not mix with water for bathing / washing


Tim Taylor said...

It depends on what results they are trying to achieve. If you are in the heat of the water in the gas-fired unit would be easier than a heavy role in copper-Gage (willing to pay a higher price) at least 5 / 8 inch in diameter, and they become one in the plenum area of the wood stove. cold water supply lines fired into the side of the IUD and the output of the inlet gas unit. I suggest that much of installing insulation in the pipe and a bypass valve, you can not use the stove with wood.

Eldude said...

You mean the gas? What the hell is a wood stove with a gas water heater to do?

cristani... said...

How do you ensure, in conjunction with a controller or to get the help of a parachute!

LunaFaye said...

We know what is an explosive combination that is?

OMAR G said...

If there is a wood stove, why need for gas?
Well, if you want to convert the gas flaring, it is better to buy a new one and close it, but if you do not know how she felt better, someone who does not have a leak, rent, because instead of burning wood burning house.

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