Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Lose Viginity Video Um...a Question About Female Circumcision..the Facts About It?

Um...a question about female circumcision..the facts about it? - lose viginity video

My friend told me she circumsiced
.. shes a girl
I was scared (inside)
But I was calm on the outside
Why not for me as a difficult person
My question is ...... where the girl HECK CAN
And shes a Muslim as well!
Shame their instant messaging ...
I mean, if a Muslim or haram IT AGAINST THEM
DO excision
and why some people
not that painful?
in sorry if I offended you in any way
but still very much going to be used in my head
OK for kids coz if allowed
Then, if during the act, could again
and (very painful for the people and they told me ..)
But why women
please explain
Countries where trafficRy this tradition?
viginity, who lost his way ??????
PPL thnx
This is for educational purposes
Please do not post pictures or links to videos dirty
are unnecessary


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