Friday, January 29, 2010

Antenna Satellite Recipes How Do You Build Or Can Someone Make Me A WiFi Biquad Dish Antenna Satellite Dish?

How do you build or can someone make me a WiFi biquad dish antenna satellite dish? - antenna satellite recipes

If I could, it would be nice to buy from you to show me what I need a plate web 15 miles back to my village I live in the country if i dont get it preserved. unless you pay 69.99 per month for satellite internet. Someone could sell me a plate or a job?


Larry M said...

You do not get a plate of the Internet (such as Hughes Network) because the talks from top to bottom but try this ... ...

You can use the same technology in one second and a DirecTV and LNB and the range to about 25-30 miles combined - would still fly.

I am doing in my house in northern Wisconsin

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