Saturday, January 30, 2010

Letterman Jackets Meaning Stripes What Do The Stripes On The Left Arm Of Letterman Jackets Mean?

What do the stripes on the left arm of letterman jackets mean? - letterman jackets meaning stripes

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moyinapo... said...

They are probably just for the aesthetics, which does not pursue a particular purpose or any symbolism waived.

The letter jacket derives its name from the letter Varsity chenille patch on the left breast, which is almost always the first letter or initials of the high school or college came jacket. Since the vest is designed as an excerpt from the letter of the price in order to examine the colors of the clothing to the letter, and not vice versa.

The name of the owner, there are usually either length (according to the letter) or even embroidered on the sleeve. Year in which the owner is usually in exchange for caterpillars enter the name and year of graduation depends on the school tradition. The year is most often sewn on the right sleeve or just above the right pocket.

Lettermen, based on a championship team often receive large patch commemorating the championship that is worn on the back of the jacket.

Lettermen participate in a sport where often sewing Medals MedalsJackets will highlight their achievements.

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