Thursday, January 7, 2010

Dvd Recorder Canada What Items Can I Not Bring Over The US Boarder Into The US From Canada Via Land?

What Items can I not bring over the US boarder into the US from Canada via land? - dvd recorder canada

I keep traveling from Canada to the USA (Florida), and plan for a month or longer. I thought the essence of the common travel, such as clothing and share, are hair products, etc., also planned to bring my PC, DVD recorder, and a few PS2 games / Playstation, etc.

This kind of electronic products in the United States allowed Canada? What is the probability that someone in the control of the entire vehicle, if I tell my computer to keep in the trunk of clothes and other goods on the backseat?

The answers we are very grateful!

- Kristen


Morgan M said...

The electronic devices at the gates DESTINATION are obviously thinking that use 128-bit encryption, and that in some countries that Canada is not one of them. ...

earfulof... said...

Ask for Custom Canada and he will tell you.

Brian R said...

I have just returned from a trip from Canada to us at the office, reviewed the entire vehicle. Which are strict. They had to open the trunk, and drove through much of him. I'm sure it will not allow the fruits like apples, banana not sure of the electronics, etc.

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