Monday, January 11, 2010

Plastic Stackable Storage Containers I Am Looking For The Manufacturer Of The Craft Storage Containers Called "Stack Packs"?

I am looking for the manufacturer of the craft storage containers called "Stack Packs"? - plastic stackable storage containers

They are stackable (screw), plastic containers, which are suitable for craft, for example. Accounts. They are from Taiwan or China. I bought in Australia, a place off "The Warehouse" and show Craft / Scrapbooking sites in the United States


doughnut... said...

In the UK there are varying kinds of so-called "Battery Packs".
To make Wilkinson / Woolworths / Argos and many other issues that this type of container. Personally, I settled for some gear. The ones I have met many of the pages are all predictions and grasses, but grew very safe to transport.

felinero... said...

He is an organizer called Eclipse, the rather small round transparent plastic containers that screw together. The supplier's Express Services Trade and the list of retailers on its website, I also have similar products in the stores of dry goods.

There are fields Artbin product called Beacon, which is divided into sections and can be divided into small plates.

The best system I've used for storing small objects seen Cropper Hopper Embellishment Essentials begins with a case divided into segments, which may correspond to a series of small transparent boxes and smaller boxes are installed in them. The boxes come in packs of 10 individually so that you can have a variety of sizes in the case. Unfortunately, the British importer has fallen, but you can sell their products online.

DIANE E said...

promble the best craft store, but it's really hard to get

Anonymous said...

Go to a recycling facility

neha said... try this site. or try eBay. I hope that you find.

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