Thursday, January 14, 2010

Subwoofer Kits What Wiring Kit Would I Need For A 1200W Peak Subwoofer?

What wiring kit would I need for a 1200W peak subwoofer? - subwoofer kits

It is 400W RMS and 1200W max. What do I need wiring kit e.g10 gauge, size 8 and what is the difference between the installation kits is that?


Rabb said...

The wiring must be specific to the amplifier, not under or over. Look on the side of the power amplifier. If you make a backup of 30 amps or more, you have to go with the kit to measure 8th If more than a total of 60-70 amps (all backups combined) that are within the limits of size 4th
This is very important for the reasons above all, 2:

1. To give you the option of the amplifier, so you can play at full power.

2. So do not cause too amperes and a wire of small arms fire (I have many, many people) as seen from

Evan L said...

I have a 1100 amp, the gauge at 500 RMS and use 10th It works well, and everything seems ok.

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