Friday, January 8, 2010

Developmental Toys What Are Some Developmental Toys I Can Get For My 15 Month Old Daughter For Christmas?

What are some developmental toys I can get for my 15 month old daughter for Christmas? - developmental toys

Fisher Price AZ Learning Zoo is strongly recommended by the comments of the parents. which are sold everywhere, but you can get for $ 43 at the Fisher website ... a play kitchen, I use maybe the person on toys for children to their imagination. Talking doll slip a little.


Abi B (UK) said...

In addition to the above, including books and puzzles!

Kate said...

The best toys are those that sing and light, try stacking toys like cups or mugs, toys, etc. Wodden type rack, use your imagination, toys, dolls, toy kitchen

Jnaly said...

Whatever you do, do not get one of these toys explode, push ... You will not regret it, if it learns that the house with her running at full speed ...

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